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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Calling all Ex- Bounders....

Calling all Ex-Bounders for 2nd reunion.

Date : 24th July 2009.

Venue : OBML - Lumut Perak

for details pls contact Mr Chan - 012 2069981

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Alumni 1 - My experience

On 1st May, we (me & hubby) start our journey to OBS lumut right after Friday prayer. Since I'm from Ipoh , the journey took us about 1hr 30mins. My hearts pounding all the know lah...first time ma... but after went through the flyers of " Road to 55" stated "There are no strangers, only friends that we haven't met" I felt relief....
On top of that, I also worried about my 3 children left at home with their granny. Hope they can manage everything back home....

I reached OBS around 4pm at OBS entrance...

We parked our car by the hall and walk to the registration. There where I met "Geng of 13" and also the instructors..Karl, MJ.
After short briefing, we all take a short rest at the dorm.
briefing session

briefing session

carrying my stuff to the dorm "maybank"

I felt a bit restless at the dorm and I decided to take a walk around OBS with my hubby. We stop by at the boat house and take some pics there...
Finally, most of us were there to take pics at small talks...Except Uncle Syed & Uncle Ramli...heard the went for teh tarik at nearby stall...(tak aci...)

posing at the boathouse

the whaler

bill fuller-the wooden whaler


more kayaks



Shaun - warming up

Kurt Hahn

Uncle Gunn - telling about his experince

Uncle Kenneth, Fadzil & Teoh

Uncle Kenneth is not satisfied with fiberglass whalers...hehehe

i assumed this kayaks is for river..looks so fancy

Kenneth,Teoh & James - posing at the boathouse

Uncle Gunn

Executive Director of OBML - Mr Fadzil

Uncle Gunn from Penang

Around 6pm, Karl (instructor) offer us for a short Kayak activity....thx Karl....



Teoh & James ,Karl & Kenneth


Kenneth (look at the pic...after so many years he forgot which way bow & stern)


Around 7.30pm, Its BBQ time..(yahooo)..banyak lapar ooo. While waiting the BBQ dinner to be ready, we sat by the beach & enjoy the breathtaking view.

enjoying the view

Portrait of Kenneth


Margeret ,Wanteng


BBQ dinner


Ng Wan Teng

Fadzil & kids

Syed,Thiruchandran,Mrs Gunn


Rizal & Musalmah

Geng of 13
The BBQ dinner went very well...and my stomach is overloaded...huh.
Back to the dorm but can't sleep well with full stomach. So I take a walk again to the boathouse with hubby, sembang-sembang with the night shift guard. Finally back to dorm and have a good sleep.
Suddenly, around 2am, heavy rain woke me up + somebody's car alarm car triggered...haiyo...very annoying... I think more than 5 times the alarm triggered...heheheh
Sorry Guys ! Its my car...

The next day....
2nd May 2009 - around 7am. Everybody at the boat house. No PT due to raining...
We make preparation for the Whaler journey. Find ourselves Life jackets that fits.
MJ do a shot briefing on whaler equipments, teach us about knots...(b4 this I only knew "Ikat mati " & Ikat tali kasut) huhuhu
We also move the whaler from the boat house to the sea via slipway using chain block,trolley & ropes. What a team...

Wah..Uncle Ramli looks cool with the lifejacket.

fitting myself with a lifejacket...

3 person are helping Uncle Syed to fit his lifejacket



life boay



Margeret is testing the "red flag"



MJ is teaching us "fisherman's knot"

MJ is teaching us "fisherman's bend"

trying fisherman's knot to the anchor

finally the "whaler" is ready...

Breakfast time....

1 minute silence....

Uncle Syed...clearing up the table after breakfast

The Sail begins...

the photographer

ready to go...

haiyaaa...why so late?? I'm waiting for u guys...

I'm ready !

We also ready...

Off we go....

Begin with .." Dip, row , dip,row , dip,row , dip,row , dip,

Ashliey showing us a nice "view"

the mother boat...

bye-bye OBS

row , dip, row , dip, row , dip,

cross oars...

finally....hoist the main sail - MJ (hoist the main sail I I sir)


I am sailing...I am sailing....

with pride

titanic style photographer

after a while...we got to row back...from dip,row,dip,row turn to celup-tarik-celup tarik

admire those kids in "optimist"


afifa posing...

SHHHH...& no pics
-towed by mother boat.-

Dinner at pantai syawal

thanks Margeret and the team....delicious dinner

preparing tea...

me & hubby


Around 11pm, our campsite was hit by storm until morning...My tent does not repel water anymore..huhuhu.. can't remember how many times I woke up in middle of the night...soaking wet as well.

3rd May 2009 - I woke up 6.30am and start clearing & packing. Sail back to OBS.

1100am - Bus is ready to take us to old OBS in Navy Base

MJ & Afifa

The old OBS Malaya building...well preserved by the Navy

The press..."say cheese"

Boat house at Navy

In my wishlist.. - Laser

also in my wishlist....

Jasmine & Yusby(me)

never heard of this bank before....hehehe

Me & Jasmine

Me & Uncle Ramli...nice food & service here...

the ceiling of wisma samudera

Mj, Jasmine & me

Finally I reached home around 5pm safely. Thank you all for yr support to make "Alumni 1" successful event.

Next time if people ask me..."which course are you in or number?" I'll answer them I'm from "Alumni 1"

(sorry for my broken english...) boleh faham sudah lah....

What I Lost during Alumni 1 :
A pair of lousy sneakers

What I Gain during Alumni 1 :
A pair of crocs a-like sandals (thx Karl)
And I love the most...friendship....

Yusby Yakimin
(Alumni 1)
To Serve, To Strive And Not To Yield